Cloud based Affective Intelligence engine

Cloud based Affective Intelligence engine.

What is DeepAffex Engine?

The DeepAffex engine is a cloud-based Affective Intelligence platform that utilizes innovative facial blood-flow imaging technology to provide powerful analysis of human physiology and psychological affects. NuraLogix has invested heavily in the development of advanced scientific research leading to the implementation of machine-trained human analytical models which are in turn continuously published and updated on our DeepAffex engine. Access to any/all published DeepAffex models is available through a simple licensing process which then enables a purpose-built software application to submit facial blood-flow data through the cloud for analysis and to receive results.

How do I use the DeepAffex engine?

To augment your new/existing products with the capabilities provided by our DeepAffex engine the following steps are required:

  1. Register for a DeepAffex developer account and request a cloud API license-key
  2. Modify/create your application by integrating our ‘Software-Development-Kit’ (DFX-SDK) library with a source of digital camera/video streams to generate a measurement payload suitable for our DeepAffex engine to process
  3. Modify/create your application by utilizing the network protocols defined within the ‘Cloud Application-Programing-Interface’ (DFX API) specification to invoke DeepAffex models and to receive measurement results

Developers start with our SDK to create applications using conventional digital camera (or video) streams to capture and extract the subject’s facial blood-flow data that is then packaged into our measurement data (binary payload) format ready for sending to the DeepAffex engine for processing.

The Cloud API describes in detail the access protocol for all communication and handshaking with the DeepAffex cloud. Developers will use the API specification to guide the implementation of procedures for sending measurement data and for receiving measurement results respectively to and from our DeepAffex engine.


The DeepAffex Dashboard is our web-based management tool primarily intended for developers and system administrators. This allows authorized users to monitor an Organization’s private account on the DeepAffex cloud.

The DFX Dashboard applies Role-Based-Access (RBA) authorization criteria to provide secure management for an Organization’s collection of raw data, measurement results, logs, study configurations, subject/participant information, user accounts, groups and policies, storage and utilization levels and other relevant aspects.